Lockeport Race & Carter’s Beach

     Well, the weather gods seemed to conspire against us for the first cruise, unfortunately! Here is hoping that the second one will give us better luck.


The intent is to combine the cruise with the Canada Day race to Lockport. There are a number of boats that cruise that also go on the in the Lockport race, and we are hoping others that don’t normally race will also enter for the fun of it.


After the race there is usually some kind of party at the dock in Lockport but that was in pre-Covid times. Lockport always had a very nice Canada Day party which was great fun for the race participants.  We’re not sure how that will work this year. Worst case scenario we can raft up off the entrance into Lockport Harbour and have our own Canada Day celebration. Then the plan will be to race from Lockport to Carter’s beach. We were calling the race the Anchor Set Engine Off Race for the simple reason that the timing will be on an honour basis and will start start when we pass the entrance to Lockport Harbour and will end with your anchor set and you turn the engine off. Since the timings will be on the honour system participants can start anytime. The racing fleet is welcome to join in as well and we will use PHRF handicapping to make things fair. 

Weather conditions dependent we propose that those of us that wish to will remain at anchor for two nights before returning to home port. We can explore the beaches, get our fishing lines wet, sunbathe to work on our tans, and have a pot luck dinner. Some of the participants might wish to get back to the club for the Thursday night race so they could leave as soon as they wish to get back in plenty of time. 


As responsible cruisers, we will have to observe whatever Covid restrictions are in place at the time.

Any questions please contact Mike Turney at (902)874-2334 or by email at svnelleke@gmail.com