Operation 29er Clarification:

Our last email detailing “Operation 29er” identified categories of giving that will be a part of our fundraising plan. It was helpfully pointed out that our numbers included some overlap. So to be clear: 
GOLD MEDALISTS:      $1,000 and up
SILVER MEDALISTS:   $500 – 999. 
QUALIFIERS:                $50 – 99
COMPETITORS:           (up to) $49

Remember, it doesn’t matter what level of giving you choose. It only matters that you join us if you believe in what we’re trying to accomplish. 

Thanks again for your consideration. See you at the Festival!

Rob Stork
SHYC, Marina & Sailing Academy

HMCS Oriole

What a great weekend it was. HMCS Oriole, the Royal Canadian Navy’s sail training ketch was in harbour as part of her centennial tour (the keel was laid in 1921). An 8-vessel flotilla steamed out to greet her Friday morning and Saturday, she fired her cannon at the start of SHYC’s annual Centennial Cup keelboat race (marking the centennial of Shelburne’s incorporation in 1907). See pics below followed by the list of all who made it possible along with some news and upcoming events.

Some of the flotilla: (left to right) Aslan’s Wind, HMCS Oriole, Homer’s Odyssey, Sou’wester

Start of the Centennial Cup Race (in very light air).

Boys playing with fire (and planked salmon).

Shelburne Deputy Mayor, Elizabeth Acker presents the 2021 Centennial Cup to “Snafu” and skipper, Royden Nickerson 

Officers and Crew of HMCS Oriole.  

Lt. Cmdr. Rob Pelton presents Oriole’s Centennial Patch to Commodore Rob Stork. “Hi, I’m Rob. No, I’m Rob”

Our most earnest and heartfelt thanks to the following volunteers who made the supper possible:

Salmon (Value $600) donated by Cooke’s Aquaculture
Sherri & Ken Taylor, who drove to Dartmouth to pick it up!
Sherri Taylor
Willa Magee
Linda McNicol
Daphne O’Reilly
MaryJane Brackett
Chrissy Magee
Naniya Trevors
Claudia Lorensen
Mu Yang
Savannah Taylor

Ken Taylor
Lawrence Taylor
Shawn Williams
Francis Campbell
Norman Wallet
Fred Greenwood
John Alliker
Mike O’Callaghan
Seth Renaud
Andy Blackmer
Neve Pedro

Sherri Taylor
Manager, Jennifer Atwood
Staff: Katie Peacock, Daniel Slack and Tara McNaughton

Marta Stork
Sherri Taylor 

Apologies in advance for any we may have missed. Additional thanks go to your Rear Commodore, Bradd Wilson for his planning and coordination work with the town and the Oriole. 

And truly massive thanks must go to your Vice Commodore, Sherri Taylor, who sweated every detail, figuratively and literally. 

Shelburne Sailing Academy Coaching Staff

Once again, we’re grateful to have some fine young people staffing the Sailing Academy this year, led by returning coach, Rafael Pedro and new instructors, Lia Oikle and Owen Hobbs.

Rafael Pedro – Head Coach

Raf Pedro begins his third year coaching for SHYC’s Sailing Academy, holding a CANSail 3/4 certification. He is going into his senior year at SRHS and will continue his study in various sciences but is not yet certain which discipline he might concentrate in for his post-secondary studies. He loves fishing (trout and mackerel) and he likes coaching sailing – which is great because he’s darn good at it. 

Lia Oikle – Coach 

Lia is going into grade 11 at SRHS this fall and has attended the Sailing Academy for more than four years. She wants to be a teacher (you picked a good summer job, Lia). The younger of two girls in the family, when not sailing Lia likes to paint and color her own hair. 

Owen Hobbs – Coach

Owen just finished his 12th year at Barrington Municipal High School (congratulations) and will be attending NSCC this fall to study residential and industrial applications of electricity and alternative and renewable energy systems. Owen has attended the Sailing Academy for more years than he can remember – 8 years is his best estimate. He has a younger brother who, unfortunately, doesn’t like the water or sailing. We’ll have to work on that. 

Lia, Owen, and Raf have just completed a very successful Women on Water weekend and can be found at the newly spruced up Muir Cox building (washrooms and classrooms) on weekdays from 9-4 and also teaching Adult Learn To Sail on Monday evenings. We thank them for their hard work and are pleased and proud to have them as part of the SHYC family.


Cruising Club of America- Bras d’OR Station

The Linens are Out

In addition to last week’s successful ECAC event, we offer our thanks and appreciation for those involved in hosting the Bras d’OR station of the Cruising Club of America who were in for a couple of days, culminating in a lasagna dinner last Thursday night. They wrote later to let us all know it was the highlight of their cruise.

Lasagna Dinners were donated by: Ruth Waters, Wanda Nickerson, Gail Ringer, Annette Willilams, Mary Jane Brackett, Ethel Nickerson, and Rhoda Kelley. Garlic bread was courtesy of Willa Magee. Caesar salad was from Bradd & Maeve Wilson. Pies were provided by Linda McNichol, Debi King, Donna Harris, Louise Theriault, and Lori Harris. 

And a good time was had by all…

Galley Prep and Serving

Sherry Thorburn, Jeannie Kerr, Kathy Spencer, Jane Petring, Jane Muir, Debi King, Donnna Harris, Annette Williams and Mary Jane Brackett.

There you have it – SHYC’s volunteer-driven club in action. Thanks a million, everyone!

I Am A Sailor

This story appeared in the April edition of the Sail Nova Scotia newsletter. Congratulations Owen !!!

I Am A Sailor…
Owen Hobbs

The big boats get thowen Hobbse glory but the little boats make the sailor. Fourteen year old Owen Hobbs of Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club certainly fits that bill. After trying a few sports like baseball and soccer Owen found that the sea was calling him. The availability of affordable sailing camps in Shelburne helped kick start this young sailor’s career. After learning to sail in under the guidance of Max Page, Nova Scotia’s 2015 Community Coach of the Year at the CANSail summer camp, Owen has quickly graduated to take command of his own vessel and teach his crew (Mom) to sail. Owen and Mom (Leslie) purchased a used Albacore sailing dinghy and lovingly restored it in time to make the start line of SHYC Wednesday Night Race Series. A true bonding experience for mother and son as they often go out for supper and talk about the race. Aside from the Wednesday night races, Owen often ventures out to the islands of Shelburne harbour with mom and little brother Miles for picnics on the beach. With ambitions of becoming an instructor or sailing coach, Owen has since attended the 420 Regatta in Baddeck and the East Coast Albacore Championship in Shelburne to hone his skills

Our Visitors

As it has been for many years, Shelburne continues to be a favourite for many cruising sailors, and we get, on average, about 250 visiting boats every year…..from all over the world. Everywhere from New Zealand…Australia… South Africa…Iceland…Sweden…throughout Europe, and all through the coastal US. We even had a visitor from Doha, Qatar this summer. This link will give you a birds-eye view of how far our visitors have travelled. You can read about what our visitors are saying at https://www.shyc.ca/comments