Our Team

Club Manager

My name is Erin Jamieson. I moved to Shelburne a little over 5 years ago from B.C. with my family. I have four beautiful children and  a husband who is a local of Shelburne to teach me the ropes! I’ve worked in the food and beverage service industry for 19 years now and am excited to share my knowledge with the Yacht Club….while….learning about the boating community from all of you lovely Yacht Clubers! What a privilege it is to work down on our beautiful waterfront with a wealth of seasoned club members and all those just passing through….. cheers !


I’m a 23 year old who is Hard of Hearing and wears a Cochlear Implant. I currently am taking a Medical Terminology course and starting NSCC in September for Professional Admin! I’m very excited to continue to work here in future summers as I’ve come to love this job and meeting all the new people 🙂 


I’m a 21 year old who enjoys reading and is currently in my third year of university to become a teacher and travel the world to educate! 


I’m a 29-year-old nature-lover who’s passionate about mental health and wellness. I’m currently pursuing my graduate degree in counselling psychology, which I look forward to using to serve the community of Shelburne!