Membership Types & Fees


MembershipDescription2022 Fees*
IndividualIndividual couples or persons over the age of 19. If a single parent, please list dependent(s). 1 vote.$180.00 per person
FamilyIncludes both partners, any children up to the age of 18 and children over 18 who are enrolled as full time students. There are 2 adult votes per family membership. $360.00
StudentAn individual who is enrolled full-time in a post-secondary educational institution. Applicants must be able to provide valid student identification upon application and annual dues renewal. $65.00
JuniorAvailable only to individuals aged between 11 and 18 years, and who are qualified to a minimum standard of CanSail 1 or equivalent experience. $35.00
Home AwayNon-residents of Shelburne area who visit by boat or other means. Access is limited to 3 weeks in the calendar year. $105.00
Adult Learn To Sail (ALTS)Includes ALTS program, plus full individual SHYC membership entitlements. $180.00
CrewAvailable to individuals 19 years of age and over. Entitled to all SHYC privileges on race days for a period of 2 hours prior to and 2 hours immediately following a scheduled race. $85.00

*All fees are subject to HST.   Join or Renew here.