Cruising Club of America- Bras d’OR Station

The Linens are Out

In addition to last week’s successful ECAC event, we offer our thanks and appreciation for those involved in hosting the Bras d’OR station of the Cruising Club of America who were in for a couple of days, culminating in a lasagna dinner last Thursday night. They wrote later to let us all know it was the highlight of their cruise.

Lasagna Dinners were donated by: Ruth Waters, Wanda Nickerson, Gail Ringer, Annette Willilams, Mary Jane Brackett, Ethel Nickerson, and Rhoda Kelley. Garlic bread was courtesy of Willa Magee. Caesar salad was from Bradd & Maeve Wilson. Pies were provided by Linda McNichol, Debi King, Donna Harris, Louise Theriault, and Lori Harris. 

And a good time was had by all…

Galley Prep and Serving

Sherry Thorburn, Jeannie Kerr, Kathy Spencer, Jane Petring, Jane Muir, Debi King, Donnna Harris, Annette Williams and Mary Jane Brackett.

There you have it – SHYC’s volunteer-driven club in action. Thanks a million, everyone!