Severe Weather Plan


Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club is located in Shelburne Harbour, one of the “best natural harbours in the world” however we are still exposed to strong winds and seas in the event of hurricanes, tropical storms and gales. These conditions can result in significant stresses and strains being placed on the marina docks, moorings and on boats which are tied or moored here. While we are concerned about vessels, our prime concern in the event of a storm is the club infrastructure.

 General Policies

SHYC Management will and club members should routinely monitor weather forecasts to anticipate severe weather conditions. In the event a storm is forecast for Shelburne Harbour, SHYC Management will monitor the track and intensity of the storm.

Boat owners using the SHYC marina and facilities are required at all times plan for severe weather:

a. Maintain a private mooring, pre-arranged access to a club mooring, or alternative safe location for storing their boat in the event the SHYC marina has to be evacuated.

b. Ensure that their boat is properly secured to the marina at all times with appropriate lines and fenders.

c. Maintain appropriate boat owner insurance to cover any damage which may result while tied to the marina.

Boat owners not evacuating the marina during severe weather conditions will be responsible for the cost of any damage attributable to their action which results to the marina structure.

Severe Weather Procedures

In the event a storm is forecast for the Shelburne area the following procedures will be put into effect:

a. Forecast sustained wind of less than 30 knots (35 mph/55 km/h) or gusts over 40 knots

• Individual boat owners will decide whether to remove their boat from the marina.

• If the boat is left at the marina the owner is required to ensure that it is properly tied to the docks with adequate lines and fenders and all equipment (eg. tops, hatches, loose articles, sail covers, etc.) is safely secured.

b. Forecast sustained wind of at least 30 knots (35 mph/55 km/h) or gusts over 40 knots

SHYC management (ordinarily the Rear Commodore, or in his/her absence the Commodore) will assess the weather forecast (in particular the wind direction and velocity) and decide if a partial or a complete marina evacuation is required. 

• A partial evacuation will result in management ordering some boats (eg. larger or heavier boats), moved to private moorings or a secure wharf. Boats remaining in the marina may be moved closer inshore and secured with extra lines and fenders.

• SHYC management may order a complete evacuation and require all boats to be moved off the marina to private moorings or alternative safe locations.

c. Forecast sustained winds of at least 35 knots (40 mph/65 km/h) or gusts over 40 knots

• SHYC management (ordinarily the Rear Commodore, or in his/her absence the Commodore) will order a complete evacuation of all boats from the marina.

• This decision will be final and all boat owners will be obligated to comply with this procedure and move their boat to an alternative mooring or safe location.

• SHYC staff and equipment will assist where possible to ensure an orderly evacuation of the marina.

· Management reserves the right to move any boat which represents a threat to the marina or club property, with or without the permission of the owner.

· Management may make arrangements to protect the marina by placing additional anchors or mooring lines or disassembling sections of the marina.

Notification Procedures

The SHYC Rear Commodore, or delegate, will monitor weather forecasts to anticipate severe weather conditions and will attempt to give as much notice as possible to boat owners about a potential marina evacuation.

a. In addition to monitoring weather forecasts, boat owners should also monitor the SHYC web-site  or contact SHYC at 875-4757 to receive information and updates about potential marina evacuations.

b. When the SHYC Rear Commodore, or delegate, makes a decision to evacuate the marina a notice will be placed on the club web site or Facebook page and staff will contact boat owners via email to inform them of the requirement to move their boats. Failure of members to respond to their emails will result in follow-up phone calls or Text Messages when possible or e-mail messages to the emergency contacts designated on the Marina Slip Application form.

c. Where members or their emergency contacts are not available to move their boats, club staff may relocate the boat, for which a fee may be charged.

d. Boat owners will not be permitted on the marina docks or to remain on their boat in the marina during an evacuation.