Adult Learn to Sail & Women on Water

In 2021, the Shelburne Sailing Academy at SHYC initiated Women on Water, a 2.5 day weekend Learn-to-Sail event as part of our Adult LTS program. The 2021 Women on Water was such a success, we’ve decided to adapt this approach to all our adult learn-to-sail efforts. Now WALTS (Weekend Adult Learn to Sail) will be our format for 2022, consisting of another Women on Water weekend and a second co-educational version.

Beginning with a Friday evening on-shore orientation, the weekend long sailing intensive features each student paired with a CANSail certified instructor or one of our SHYC member volunteers – each an accomplished dinghy sailor/athlete themselves.

Students learn basic sheeting, steering, and boat handling on all points of sail, while also learning how to adjust their bodies and boats for changes in direction and wind speed while sailing. As such, sailors can then sail safely within defined boundaries set by an instructor and perform boat-handling maneuvers in a controlled manner.

The learning begins on land. Assembling on Friday evening at the Sailing Academy (the historic Muir Cox boat building facility), participants gather around a coach (stern of boat) as he briefs them on tacking procedures.
Saturday: Rigging Albacores in preparation for launch
Safety Boat at the ready.
Sunday: Weight to windward

Once qualified, members can make use of the Academy Albacore fleet as available. You don’t need to own a boat to enjoy all the joy and excitement of sailing at SHYC. 

Many thanks to the 2021 SA staff, and SHYC member volunteers, Henry Pedro, James Stanley and Julie Stewart, Guy Tipton, Ollie Tipton, Nick Williams, Amanda Pedro, and Ed Trevors. Additional thanks to Sailing Director, Ed Trevors for initiating the event and Maya Trevors for volunteering on the administration side.